Organic Colour Systems

The Natural Alternative is Organic Colour Systems

Organic Colour Systems is naturally better!

Most hair colour products use harsh chemicals like ammonia that damage hair in the colouring process, stripping hair’s natural health and shine.

Organic Colour Systems is different. We’re kind to hair and it shows.Organic Colour Systems Certified Organic Ingredients

By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals than anyone else we’ve created an effective way to colour hair that’s naturally better.



5 Key Promises…

     1.  We use certified organic ingredients.   Hair responds best to natural ingredients.  Use for harsh chemicals is not necessary.  Our high-performing products use the maximum amount of certified organic ingredient.

     2.  Ingredient sourcing is done ethically and carefully.   The ingredients we use are selected and processed very carefully.  We source and preserve natural stocks and only work with ethical suppliers who minimize their environmental impact.  Our suppliers pay fair wages and have safe working conditions.130x130xthumbs_ocs_logo_no-animals.jpg.pagespeed.ic.SVdT1KGZdq

     3.  OCS products are not tested on animals.  Products are safe and gentle even on sensitive skin.  We do not test on animals  which makes us suitable for vegetarians.  Choose Cruelty Free accredits all of our products  This non-profit organization promotes a healthy lifestyle.

     4.  Our commitment is to protect the environment.  By using energy-efficient, low-carbon methods to manufacture and recycle where possible, OCS has little impact on the environment.  Reducing our environmental footprint is a continuous effort.

     5.  Ammonia.   We are 100% ammonia-free.  The smell of ammonia and what it does to hair is offensive.  We do not use ammonia. 



With Outstanding Results

  • And because hair responds better to natural ingredients our products give outstanding results.
  • Our unique approach is gentler on hair and locks in colour, moisture and goodness to every strand.
  • So hair looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant, longer-lasting colour.
  • Made in Britain with TLC (Tender Loving Colour)
  • Combining the best of British know-how and natural ingredients we create Tender Loving Colour with absolutely no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens.
  • We make our beautiful hair products in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire using lots of lovely natural, 130x130xthumbs_ocs_logo_ammonia-free.jpg.pagespeed.ic.79Nl_RJ5IKorganic ingredients.


Organic Colour Systems is a system of total hair care.

OCS has a unique Colour, Care and Control range.  All ranges work together as a perfect system.   Our system is designed to treat colored hair gently… at every stage of every treatment.



For Outstanding Salons

  • With our unique, natural and ethical hair colour alternative salons stand out from the competition.
  • Salons are healthier and more pleasant places to work without a whiff of ammonia.
  • And our healthier, higher-performing salons attract new clients who love the Organic Colour Systems difference.
  • Organic Colour Systems is naturally better for hair… for salons….and for business.